We help you to grow better by….

Organize your customer base… finally.

Organize your customer base… finally.

Use more tools to succeed.

Use more tools to succeed.

Automate your tasks and workflows.

Automate your tasks and workflows.

Get support you every step of the way.

Get support you every step of the way.

Accept no Gmail CRM imitations

Well-organized customer base

Finally get your customer base organized... and keep it at your fingertips.

Effective sales management

Manage your sales with beautiful pipelines, automated reports, and collaboration capabilities.

Integration with the tools you love

Gmail, Google Contacts, Data Studio, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Intercom, LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, and more!

Follow 7 easy steps to managing email campaigns in Gmail effectively!

Automate routine tasks; win back your time.

Google Contacts synchronization

NetHunt automatically synchronizes Google Contacts to your CRM, ready to undergo an upgraded sales process made possible with powerful CRM functionality.

Email campaigns

Personalize email campaigns with client details; reach out to thousands of customers in just a few clicks; monitor campaign performance and know what works best!

Automatic email linking

Automatically log customer conversations and share conversation history with your team.

Here’s how we automate lead generation on LinkedIn

 We have been using NetHunt for more than 2 years and now I can say for sure that we need it and only NetHunt, nothing else. I do not want another window on my computer, I want it to be linked with my Gmail and it is perfect and simple.””

Jérôme Hérard, Founding Partner at ViaDirect

Tooling you up to focus on what you do best.


Data Import

Sign up and start using NetHunt CRM right off the bat. Switching from another CRM is easy; it only takes a couple minutes to move your data!


Shared conversations

Link email conversations to companies, contacts, deals, and support cases in NetHunt CRM. Give access to your colleagues.


Google Workspace integration

NetHunt brings Google Workspace applications together, under one intuitive umbrella; synchronizing all your data at the same time.


One-click leads capture

Convert new email inquiries to leads in just one click. Their contact details are gleaned automatically.


Extensive customization

Simply and quickly adjust every aspect of your CRM system: folders, permissions, client cards… even pipelines!

Data quality

Duplicate management

Keep your data clean and structured with data management functionality with automatic record merging, bulk updating, and duplicate deleting.


Email templates

Create email campaign templates. Keep them private or share with the team.


Mention @teammates

Ping colleagues when you need their help or want to keep them up-to-date on a red-hot deal.


Pipeline management

Structure your sales cycle, define your sales stages, and create all-important reports to forecast sales.

Data quality

An organized customer base

Easy access to important details alongside conversation history. Essential information is always up-to-date and available when you need it the most.


Lead management

Segment. Keep an eye on all your leads and never miss another opportunity. Set reminders and automatic follow-ups.



Monitor your team performance, sales results, and goals progress on a regular basis.

We’re with you every step of the way

We make you happy in six simple steps.


We demo NetHunt with you to show how it works for your business


We help transfer all your data from whatever system you used before, saving every last detail


We work with you to set your new CRM up to meet your business exactly where it is


We educate and train your users to get the most out of their new CRM system


We constantly improve the platform to maintain peak productivity for your team


We are always there for you, ready to help with a rapid and friendly response

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